Sensors Go Social is an effort to integrate two sensors platforms namely the HOPU sensors and EAR-IT sensors with the OpenIoT platform by semantically annotating the data on-the-fly for discovery and re-use by other applications.


Interconnecting IoT based projects to aiming to develop an Interoperable environment getting rid of information and system architecture silos.

Target User

As our project heading highlights, the aim of our project is to make sensors go social. Allow users to develop applications and services based on integration of heterogenous sensor platforms.


Integrating HOPU and EAR-IT and OpenIoT platforms, we envision a following service.

Social Finder
Locate users and friends that are within a given vicinity using specific user preferences e.g. country, topic of interest etc.

IoT Big Brother
Further to locating users near by, locating near by audi sensors (EAR-IT) and listen to live feeds from the chosen location.

Key Features
The key features are the ability for the platforms to integrate to develop a joint application with minimal efforts.
Breaking the Silos based information architectures
Promoting open data and ability to share data among users

We have developed a demonstrator application using the HOPU and OpenIoT project. A brief description of this project as as follows

This demonstrator takes advantage of HOPU sensors and the OpenIoT middleware to delivery and share real-time people presence information based on user preferences.



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